June 9, 2021

This past Sunday we started a series called “three-i”. Over the next three months we’ll be reviewing the three “i” words that form our identity and our mission at Wellspring: intimacy, identity, and influence. We began by asking the question, “Who do you belong to?”

June 13th is Lab Group Sunday. Come ready to break into Lab Groups and discuss the message. Who do you belong to? How do we grow in belonging? How do we treat others as if they belong to God? If you missed the message and you’d like to participate in the conversation, you can watch it on our website, on our Youtube page, or by clicking on the image above.

If you’ve never been to Wellspring before but you’re looking for a spiritual family in which you can be an interactive and integral part, come hang out with us. We teach one Sunday then break into Lab Groups the following Sunday to discuss and apply what we’ve learned and to build deeper, stronger, more authentic relationships with one another. The first time you come on a Lab Group Sunday, you’ll hang out with me and Sako (my wife), and Ben and Jill Nothrop. The four of us co-pastor the Wellspring experience. Our hope is to get to know you and to help you know us and  Wellspring. Perhaps this could be your first step in discovering your true design.

Let’s grow together!

Matt Neese


In Old Testament times, the Lord designated an inheritance of land to eleven of the twelve tribes of Israel, but for one tribe, the Levites, God declared that He was their inheritance. He chose this tribe to represent the other tribes as priests, ministers, and keepers of all of the objects and duties required for worship. Among the Levites, He designated specific responsibilities to each of the families. But one group had only one responsibility and they were to do it continually, the worship team. They were on duty at all hours.

We have a multitude of responsibilities and details to handle everyday of our lives. From the moment we wake up, many of us have a checklist of things that need to be done. We also have titles to match our various roles that we weave in and out of throughout the day. But you and I each have one role and job title that is on duty at all hours: worshiper. In everything we do, we worship the Lord.

The actual Hebrew word translated as “musician” means “singer”. You may not know how to play guitar or piano or drums, but we were all made to be living Wind instruments. When we invite the Holy Spirit to live in us, we submit ourselves to His breath and He blows through us, forming glorious songs of praise and worship. Our lives become God-songs, and we, as holy instruments, are on duty at all hours.

daily reading.001
  • 6/09 Deuteronomy 7, Psalm 10, I Chronicles 9, John 17
  • 6/10 Deuteronomy 8, Psalm 11, I Chronicles 10, John 18:1-23
  • 6/11 Deuteronomy 9, Psalm 12, I Chronicles 11, John 18:24-40
  • 6/12 Deuteronomy 10, Psalm 13, I Chronicles 12, John 19:1-22
  • 6/13 Deuteronomy 11, Psalm 14, I Chronicles 13, John 19:23-42
  • 6/14 Deuteronomy 12, Psalm 15, I Chronicles 14, John 20
  • 6/15 Deuteronomy 13, Psalm 16, I Chronicles 15, John 21
  • 6/16 Deuteronomy 14, Psalm 17, I Chronicles 16, Acts 1

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