May 19, 2021

God is calling His children back to Himself. He’s been challenging us to seek Him firstly and fervently. He’s allowed everything we trust to be shaken so that we’ll stop looking for answers from those around us and just go after Him. Now is the time to just go after Him!

There are amazing faith stories happening in our church family. Salvation, new jobs, promotions, healed trauma, overcoming fear and sickness, joy in the midst of chaos, and on and on. God is working in mighty ways as we focus our lives on Him, and this is just the very beginning. To quote my spiritual brother Stephen Owen, “The water broke!” These are just the first signs of what is about to be birthed in the world. The Greatest Awakening is upon us. Is your faith activated and ready to participate?

Sunday we’re going to break into Lab Groups to discuss our topic from this past weekend, FAITH. What is one of your past faith stories? How did it bring you closer to God? What does your present faith journey look like and how are you pressing in? What are you actively believing and trusting God for right now? What do you think the Greatest Awakening will look like?

Let’s grow together!

Matt Neese


Whom the Lord blesses is not to be cursed. The word “bless” means to kneel down. In this case, the Lord has kneeled before Israel and extended His favor and loving kindness, like a kingly father crouching down to touch and affirm his children. And as the Father, God will not allow His children to be cursed.

As the story goes, often He has to drag Israel into His good plans like a stubborn mule. Though He has liberated them to bless them, they continually resist transformation and renewal. Though they are free and favored, they choose bondage and behave disrespectfully toward God. Yet He cannot cease being faithful, so He will not honor a curse against them. The Lord said to Israel, “Look, today I am giving you the choice between a blessing and a curse!” (Deuteronomy 11:26 NLT) The only way for them to be cursed is to choose the curse, not because any man spoke it over them. Even to this day, great woe to any who would curse that which the Lord has blessed!

We, as children of God, carry the same favor and blessing upon us. God defends us from the plans of the enemy in order to lead us into His promises. When we put our faith in Jesus Christ, we choose life. Then we continue with our Father, choosing the blessed life continually moment by moment. And our Father, who lovingly kneels down to us to express His favor, rises before His enemies in all of His indomitable power and majesty and He says to them, “You are not to curse these people, for they have been blessed!”

daily reading.001

5/19 Numbers 22, Psalms 139, II Kings 13, John 6:45-71
5/20 Numbers 23, Psalms 140, II Kings 14, John 7:1-31
5/21 Numbers 24, Psalms 141, II Kings 15, John 7:32-53
5/22 Numbers 25, Psalms 142, II Kings 16, John 8:1-20
5/23 Numbers 26, Psalms 143, II Kings 17, John 8:21-36
5/24 Numbers 27, Psalms 144, II Kings 18, John 8:37-59
5/25 Numbers 28, Psalms 145, II Kings 19, John 9:1-23
5/26 Numbers 29, Psalms 146, II Kings 20, John 9:24-41

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