February 18, 2021

In Dallas, it looks like we’re coming to the end of this massive winter storm. Next will be the clean up and the repairs of all of the damaged homes. Many of our church family members went without power and are now facing frozen and broken pipes, yet I was so impressed by their resilient attitudes and their patient endurance. I’ve been praying continually for my Wellspring family, but also for those outside of the church who have suffered greatly from the storms.

The two winter storms that hit the United States were named Uri and Viola. Uri is short for Uriah which means “The Flame of Yahweh”, and Viola is from the flower and color violet. Violet as a flower represents a wide variety of things. As a color, it is considered reddish-blue. I’m sure we could easily come up with a political interpretation with the mix of those colors. One simple interpretation could be that the fire of God is coming to America’s political realm, shaking both the Republican (red) and Democratic (blue) parties.

Why do I bring up the names of storms? Because we need to start paying extra attention to the details. The language used to describe these storms has been “unprecedented and record-breaking”, the same words that have described much of what’s taken place all over the world in 2020 and now in 2021. We’ve experienced one shocking event after another, and I believe God is saying, “WAKE UP!” He is calling us to open both our natural and our spiritual eyes to what is going on around us and to operate in increasing discernment. Things are not as they appear. If we’re not intentional about discerning the times, we’re going to misidentify what’s taking place.

On Sunday we’re going to have family time. We’re going to break into small groups and share what’s going on in our lives, and we’re going to help each other get a higher perspective. We want to build each other up in faith and operate in a higher level of discernment, exercising acute judgement and understanding as lead by the Holy Spirit.

Let’s grow together!

Matt Neese


People have been using the words “progressive” and “forward thinking” for the past few hundred years (since the Age of Enlightenment) to identify themselves as “new wineskins”. They consider themselves humane and open-minded as they push agendas with false claims of “bettering the ordinary person’s life”. Are these liberal philosophies new wine that if fully embraced will better the nations?

It was progressivism that birthed eugenics. They believed humankind NEEDED population controls, selective breeding, and sterilization programs in order to reduce the “undesirables” and improve the human gene pool. It was “good” intentioned, progressive, forward thinking for the “good” of humankind’s future. In America, Margaret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood) and W.E.B. DuBois (one of the founders of the NAACP) were “forward thinking” proponents of eugenics who partnered to control reproduction of the country’s black population through what Sanger titled “The Negro Project”. This strategy continues to kill and subjugate under different branding and tag-lines today.

It’s all old wine and old wineskins, though freshly painted with deceptive language and heralded by a next generation of charismatic and energetic false prophets. Every generation, the same demonic characters rise up, but with slightly different words and strategies to accomplish the same agenda. They say, “We care about people,” while they increase programs that kill, steal, and destroy. They call themselves “forward thinking” while they demolish and slander any historical record of what was good and/or glorified God. They sound intelligent and benevolent as they strive to drag us back into the book of Judges, when “all the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes” and always ended up in bondage. These leaders think they’ll be the ones in charge of the bondage, but they are in fact slaves to tireless dark forces greater than themselves.

New wine calls for new wineskins! To become the new wineskins, we must repent from the ancient and ongoing trespasses and submit to the transformative power of Christ. We must commit ourselves to operating in a higher level of discernment of what we allow in our lives and of what we partner with in the natural and the spiritual. Seek first the Kingdom of God! Now is the time to reject the falsely labeled “progressive forward thinking” of the ages and to turn again to the straight and narrow way of Lord Jesus Christ! Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand!

daily reading.001
  • 2/18 Genesis 49, Psalms 49, Ruth 4, Mark 2
  • 2/19 Genesis 50, Psalms 50, 1 Samuel 1, Mark 3:1-21
  • 2/20 Exodus 1, Psalms 51, 1 Samuel 2, Mark 3:22-35
  • 2/21 Exodus 2, Psalms 52, 1 Samuel 3, Mark 4:1-20
  • 2/22 Exodus 3, Psalms 53, 1 Samuel 4, Mark 4:21-41
  • 2/23 Exodus 4, Psalms 54, 1 Samuel 5, Mark 5:1-20
  • 2/24 Exodus 5, Psalms 55, 1 Samuel 6, Mark 5:21-43

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