October 28, 2020

Can you believe that in a week the elections will be over? By the grace of God, this time next week the months of election wackiness and warfare will be done. At least, the voting will be done. Whether the wackiness and warfare continues depends on how people respond to the outcome.

Last night I watched a documentary on hip-hop dancing (I love documentaries), and there was a giant competition between various dance teams. In the end one team won, but many of the other teams refused to accept the outcome, yelling and throwing temper tantrums. One person that lost defiantly yelled at the camera, “That team that won probably practiced for weeks! I didn’t need to practice because I’m the most naturally talented!” That’s a pretty psycho level of entitlement. Many of the losing teams refused to concede and declared that the entire system was rigged against them. Not only that, while the winning team was still cleaning up and celebrating, some of the losers broke into the winning team leader’s house, stealing what they could carry and destroying what they couldn’t. Crazy… right?

In a recent dream, I was standing next to God, looking at a massive bar graph with two lines. One bar was about two thirds longer than the other. I immediately knew the bar graph had to do with the election, but there were no names next to the lines. The only label was a “G” before each line.

I asked God, “What does this mean? Who is ‘G’? Who wins?”

He responded, “I am G. And God wins.”

Pay careful attention to these two words: God wins. We pride ourselves in having a government system that allows every adult citizen to have a vote. God wins. You and I have prayed and fasted, seeking God and His heart above any political agenda; and we’ve diligently and gratefully interceded for each and every leader. God wins. Very soon we’ll see the final outcome of this election, and our faith will be revealed in how we respond. God wins.

In the Bible, Joshua met a mighty warrior and he asked the warrior, “Are you for us or for our enemies?” And the warrior responded, “Neither. I have come as Commander of the Lord’s army.” Sometimes we get confused and think we’re the center of everything going on around us (or our party, or our ethnicity, or even our denomination or our church). Is God with my camp or their camp? That’s not the right question. The right question is God asking, “Are you with Me?” It is God alone who decides who will rise and who will fall (Psalm 75:7); and all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God (Romans 13:1). Do you believe this?

Next week how will each of us respond when God wins? If the person we voted for isn’t elected, will we be angry and defiant? Will we respond with temper tantrums and hostile remarks and actions? Will we curse the world? If the person we voted for is elected, will we obnoxiously rub it in the other side’s face? Will we ridicule and despise the other side?

How will each of us respond when God wins? There’s a right answer. We celebrate Him. We worship Him. We glorify Him. We trust Him with all of our hearts and praise Him with everything that we are. If we’re on God’s team, we win when He wins. And God wins!

His love is better than life!

Matt Neese
daily reading.001
  • 10/28 Joel 3, Isaiah 2, Lamentations 1, 2 Timothy 2
  • 10/29 Amos 1, Isaiah 3, Lamentations 2, 2 Timothy 3
  • 10/30 Amos 2, Isaiah 4, Lamentations 3, 2 Timothy 4
  • 10/31 Amos 3, Isaiah 5, Lamentations 4, Titus 1
  • 11/01 Amos 4, Isaiah 6, Lamentations 5, Titus 2
  • 11/02 Amos 5, Isaiah 7, Ezekiel 1, Titus 3
  • 11/03 Amos 6, Isaiah 8, Ezekiel 2, Philemon 1
  • 11/04 Amos 7, Isaiah 9, Ezekiel 3, Hebrews 1

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