April 1, 2020


The best place to be is deep in the refreshing presence of God!

I use to love exhaling all of my air and just sitting at the bottom of a pool. It was really quiet and refreshing, and my body felt light. It was such a restful place for me that when I would have trouble sleeping, I would close my eyes and imagine myself sitting at the bottom of a pool until my mind and heart calmed.

Today the word of the Lord for you and I is SOAK. Immerse yourself in God’s presence and remain in Him. Live your life in continual baptism. Use Him to muffle the noise of the world, to quiet your soul, and to lighten your load. Rest in Him and be refreshed. Not just once or occasionally but continually.

Let’s go for a swim!


Matt Neese

Building Blocks 3 - Faith Slides.003

Last lesson we talked about repentance from dead works and in this lesson, Part 3 of our Building Blocks series, we’re going to move into the second part of the turning. If you turn away from one thing, you’re always turning toward something else. We are turning from dead works and turning toward faith in God. Faith is trust.

Trust is a relational word. How do we grow in trust? By getting to know someone, by growing in our relationship. As we grow in our relationship with God, and act according to this relationship, our world will be transformed. Through trust we surrender our lives completely into His hands, then He directs us into our created purpose. You can’t trust someone if you don’t know them. Spend time in the Bible, learning the character of God, and live a life of conversation with Him – talking, listening and obeying.  This is the “walking in the garden” relationship with you that He desires.

Building Blocks 4 - Baptisms title.001

In Part 4 of Building Blocks, we’re learning about three baptisms, or immersions. Baptism begins with water. A servant of the Lord baptizes one by immersing them in water. The person is buried with Christ and raised in newness of life. Then, the Lord takes the person and immerses them in the Holy Spirit where they receive power. Then, the Holy Spirit takes the person and immerses them in the Body where they find their place and function. Through these baptisms, we are identified with Christ, filled with power, and functioning in our place in His Body. It is important that we complete the progression.

daily reading.001

  • 4/1 Leviticus 2, Psalms 92, II Samuel 12, Luke 8:1-21
  • 4/2 Leviticus 3, Psalms 93, II Samuel 13, Luke 8:22-56
  • 4/3 Leviticus 4, Psalms 94, II Samuel 14, Luke 9:1-36
  • 4/4 Leviticus 5, Psalms 95, II Samuel 15, Luke 9:37-62
  • 4/5 Leviticus 6, Psalms 96, II Samuel 16, Luke 10:1-24
  • 4/6 Leviticus 7, Psalms 97, II Samuel 17, Luke 10:25-42
  • 4/7 Leviticus 8, Psalms 98, II Samuel 18, Luke 11:1-28
  • 4/8 Leviticus 9, Psalms 99, II Samuel 19, Luke 11:29-54

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