October 9, 2019

The Holy Spirit is leading us into a place of heavenly provision. But in the entry way is human authority serving old, familiar, traditional recipes that are fleshly and powerless. A new season is abruptly coming, a sharp change that will be unfamiliar and misidentified by some and will offend the self-righteous. This abrupt, supernatural shift will be a large, refreshing move of spiritual cleansing and restoration of holiness — not by our works but by His provision.

This past Sunday (in the message titled “Irreligious”), I explained the previous statement, which I believe is a timely word from the Holy Spirit for the church. From that word, we move on to discussing the difference between a religious spirit and the “irreligious” Spirit of Christ. It always amazes me that according to scripture and the mouth of Jesus, a majority of His ministry has to do with freedom.  And yet a religious spirit is so often about a transaction that ultimately takes you into more bondage.  The religious spirit is like a loan shark that shows up in your hour of need, but takes a baseball bat to your knees when you miss a payment.  And inevitably all of us will miss payments when it comes to religion.

This week we began renovations and repairs on our house. Before we do any of the pretty renovations we’d like to do on the house, we have to repair the roof. Before we can repair our roof, we have to repair the foundation. Before we repair the foundation, we have to remove the massive, crumbling fireplace inside the house. So guess what we’re doing this week… Yup, removing the fireplace. Our house feels like a prophetic symbol for the church — it’s time to tear down some old crumbling burdens so we can repair our foundation and then start building up.

We still intend to meet on Sunday, but it’s going to be a little different. We’re going to dedicate our whole meeting time to worshiping the Lord and ministering to Him and one another.  The children will remain with us and be included in our time together. Actually, I’m hoping to have the children pray for people and operate in their gifts side by side with the adults. It’s going to be a wonderful time in Father God’s family room!

Men, make sure you mark your calendars. We’re already beginning to plan our 2020 snow trip. It’s scheduled for February 7-10, and we’ll be staying in the same house we stayed at this past year. Whether you snowboard, ski, or chill at the house, we always have an incredible time together. Make sure you RSVP ASAP because space is limited and spots go fast.

May God fill you completely with joy and peace!

Matt Neese

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