In May of 2003, Matt graduated from the Advanced Leadership & Pastoral School at Christ for the Nations Institute, and resigned from his leadership role at a local church. It was an unimaginable situation for him. He had attended CFNI to be a pastor, but the moment he graduated, God instructed him to resign from pastoral ministry and focus on his family.

“I needed to grow as a husband and father before I could grow as a church leader.”

for if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for God’s church? — 1 Timothy 3:5

That’s how they came to Trinity Dallas, where they were able to become healthy as a family. Three years later Matt was invited to come on staff where he served in a variety of pastoral and leadership roles, including leadership development and communication.  He also had the opportunity to lead the implementation of Clay Student Leadership in the neighboring public elementary school, where volunteers were invited to teach 3rd, 4th and 5th graders key principles of character and leadership every other week.

Over their thirteen years at Trinity, the Neese family was involved in nearly every department and role at Trinity either as staff or as volunteers.  Even the children joined volunteer teams as soon as they were old enough.  Luna served with the children’s ministry, the ushers, the hospitality team and regularly served as part of the creative team for women’s events.  More of a “tech” person, Towah went from running a camera on Sundays to learning how to run the team, direct the livestream services, and operate the lights.

Professionally, Sako has been simultaneously in the spheres of education and international business since before 2000.  Her experience ranges from teaching Junior High School kids about leadership to sitting in private business negotiations with presidents of national banks.  Her overarching passion is helping others to see the big picture and to take the steps necessary to move forward.  This passion mixed with her sincere love for Jesus drives her to be part of a relational, grassroots movement that impacts the world.

“We greatly appreciated our time at Trinity Dallas and will always see them as our spiritual family.”

After years of praying accompanied by prophetic confirmations and many conversations with Trinity Dallas’ senior leaders, Pastors Joe and Nancy Martin, the Neeses and the Martins decided that the time had come to start another church. Pastors Joe and Nancy sent the Neese family out with their blessing.


Through their various experiences, Sako and Matt gained a vision for what would become Wellspring.Live, a church with the goal of producing God-glorifying, world-impacting leaders. Also, through Sako’s years of experience in the realms of both education and business, they gained a great appreciation for innovation and new ways of operating. In one of their regular “Spirit-storming” meetings they began asking, “If fruit is the measuring rod of a church (John 15:8), how do we structure in a way that most effectively and efficiently produces fruit?”  Proof is in the product, not the presentation.


Matt is an Encourager & Visionary

Sako is an Educator & Strategizer

Luna is an Artist & Challenger

Towah is a Contemplator & Peace-Maker