We are a Jesus-focused spiritual family committed to a culture of freedom, encouragement, and growth.

We see a church where the Holy Spirit is common  not common as in cheap or undervalued, but common as in normally present, moving, and guiding.  We see a people of open wellsprings, from whom rivers of living water flow.  We see an atmosphere of joy and encouragement, laughter and motivation.  A church where community is not an empty word or a surreal concept but a culture  a culture of celebrating Spirit-filled, abundant life with others.

We are committed to creating a culture and atmosphere for people to encounter the love and power of God in a deeper way. Whether people have or have not experienced God before, they will be drawn in and overwhelmed by Him and they will know they’ve found their home in Him and at Wellspring.Live.

We raise up leaders who can confidently talk about their relationship and experiences with God and that can minister to others, and we believe this is best done within a learning, practicing community like the one demonstrated by Jesus and the early church.

“The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” — Jesus